Smile Cover Graphic try feelin’


feelin’ is inspired by the tool Mood Meter, which was developed in the kit of the RULER approach. The RULER approach was developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and is successfully used in schools to teach emotional intelligence, creating a more innovative, empathic society. RULER stands for Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating emotions.
We created feelin’ to use as a tool in remote workshops, to quickly gather everyones mood and to create an entry point for a personal and empathic exchange with each other.

Research and Inspiration

We first came across the Mood Meter tool in a layout from Sprintbetter GmbH & Co. KG, when we were looking for methods to promote empathy and openness in remote teams with simple exercises.
After reading about the Research of the RULER Approach and the other publications of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence we found out, that also an Android and iOS App exists: MOOD METER APP. This is a helpful app, if you want to recognize and track your emotions by yourself.
If you want to learn more about emotional intelligence the Wikipedia article shows a lot of ressources.
But there was no tool that could be used with a team and without an additional collaboration tool like Mural or Miro - so we built feelin’.