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How to use

I got a link - what do I do?

When you click on the link you are joining a session the organizator opened for you and your team. You will first see a short introduction. The goal for you is to think about how you feel and communicate this with your team - ask your organizator for details, maybe they are interested in your overall feeling today, or in your feeling regarding a project or special questions.
After the introduction you will see 100 colorful boxes - each one is standing for a feeling. Quite overwhelming, to make it easier think about the following: do you feel very engergized? Then look for the feelings on top. Do you feel happy? Than look for the feelings on the right side.
After you have chosen by clicking on the feeling that fits best do not forget to share your feeling by clicking the share button under the colorful grid.

How can I create a session as an organizer?

As an organizer you can create a channel for the workshop on the start page. You share this link with your team in advance. As soon as the participants are in the channel, they can enter their mood and submit it. As soon as all participants have sent their votes, the results will be displayed. With a click on the camera in the menu bar, a screenshot of the result can be saved for documentation purposes.

Special functions for organizers

As creator of a channel you will get a channel name with a unique key, e.g.​MadCommonHeavenlyRabbit​?key=7cb8082c0d766e39​5d03e18c92d8a404. This gives you power over a special function: You will see a countdown option in the menu. Clicking on it starts a countdown of 60 seconds. When the 60 seconds have elapsed, the session is stopped and the results of all participants who have voted up to that point are displayed. This feature is especially helpful if a participant has entered the session but cannot vote at the moment.
Please be sure to choose a unique channel name to avoid accidental mixing with another team.

For which situations can I use the feelin’ app?

Methodically, feelin’ can be used as an icebreaker, or specifically to query the mood of the team before and after discussed topics or major decisions. Please note that not everyone can speak well about their emotions and accept that not everyone wants to open up in a workshop environment.